Improving your Bands Rehearsal Sessions – Part 2

Readers of the previous blog post will have seen that we covered some helpful tips and suggestions of how to get more from your band’s rehearsals. We explored the key benefits that are provided by schedules, proper warm ups, sticking to a plan, documenting any issues and building a list of songs that you want […]

Improving your Bands Rehearsal Sessions – Part 1

If you have a band, you might well have reached the stage where you are standing in front of the big league. And maybe you have got a decent following, but for whatever reason you just don’t seem to be able to go any further? It could be you need to be promoted better, or […]

Open Jam Sessions in Detroit

When it comes to Detroit, it can be very nearly described as the home of jam, such is the volume of regular jam sessions. The great news is that if you are a budding artist then you can surely attend some of the open jam sessions that are available around this great city. In this […]