Ways You Can Get Paid for Your Music

Being a musician is, more often than not, a thankless job. You put out amazing music for the world to hear and enjoy, but you hardly ever get more than an enthusiastic thanks. And sure, the recognition is great, and nothing beats the feeling of creating a song that you’re proud of. The thing is […]

Tricks from Improv That Can Help Your Jamming Session

What do improv and jamming have in common? Really a lot more than one might originally assume. Improv is kind of the jamming of the acting world, there’s a lot of players involved playing off of each other’s skills rather than following a set script. That’s why during your next jamming sessions you might want […]

How to Become a Session Musician

A session musician backs other musicians, either while recording on a studio or during a live performance. They don’t have to be part of the official band and they don’t have to be exclusive with a specific performance (unless, of course, all parties want exclusivity).  Session musicians are the freelancers of the music world. If […]

Awesome Tips to Nail Your Band Audition

Congratulations on landing that audition! It’s time to get to work! Getting your foot through the door is just the first step. You need to be ready to dazzle once you enter that room. This is what you need to now to make sure you give an awesome impression during your audition. Be Honest About […]

Making Your Way Towards a Record Deal

Every musician wants to live off of their music. The best way to do that is by getting a record deal, but as everyone knows that’s easier said than done. There’s no magic formula to getting signed by a record label, but there are a couple of things that you absolutely must do to get […]

Cost-Free Ways to Market Your Music

If a great song is heard by no one, does it really exist at all? Existential questions aside, promotion is important. In fact, knowing how to promote your music, is as important as having great music in the first place. Luckily, in this day and age promoting your music is pretty easy and free if […]