What to Do When You Screw Up on a Live Set?

We’ve talked before about how mistakes are inevitable when playing live, and how to plan ahead to avoid some of the most common ones. But, what happens when the unavoidable happens and you’re up there on stage freaking out about it? The first thing you’ll need to do is assess the situation. Not all mistakes […]

How to Handle a Rowdy Heckler

When you’re first starting out as a band, you play lots of smaller venues that are probably filled with people who have no idea who you are and were not expecting to see you play at all. While most decent human beings will just enjoy the unexpected show and move on with their lives, there […]

Most Common Mistakes Musicians Make on Live Shows

Every musician knows that when playing live, mistakes are bound to happen. Even world-famous superstars make them every now on them. Being a great -or even just proficient- live musician isn’t about perfection, but rather, learning how to minimize them. A big part of that is learning how to plan ahead, watching closely what other […]

Best Live Acts Everyone Should See

Seeing a live act can be a pretty great and entertaining experience. Especially when the show is well crafted and designed to wow audiences and showcase talents. You see, a good act isn’t just about the music, is also about the vibe, the flow and the overall look & feel of the act. Big shows […]

How to Build an Amazing Setlist

A setlist is so crucial, it can either make or break a show. Good playlists take the audience on a journey, it makes them feel the sounds and actually produces a range of emotions. On the other hand, a bad playlist will only make them feel one thing: boredom. If it’s really bad, boredom might […]

What to Expect Your First Time Playing Live

If you’re in a band and you haven’t played live yet, there’s a pretty big part of being a musician that you are completely missing. Though practicing on your own and playing among your friends is fun, there’s simply nothing quite like sharing your music with the rest of the world (or a at least […]

How to Open a Music Venue – Part 2

The second part of our blog into how to open and run a successful music venue continues with the operational details that will need to be addressed. In the first part of this blog we touched upon taking sound financial advice and finding the correct location. Now we look at the mechanics of making the […]

How to Open a Music Venue – Part 1

Running a live music venue can be a dream for many musicians or people that love live music, but the reality is it is just like running any business, preparation and planning is the key to taking the acorn of an idea into a successful oak tree of a business. The real truth of running […]

Improving your Bands Rehearsal Sessions – Part 2

Readers of the previous blog post will have seen that we covered some helpful tips and suggestions of how to get more from your band’s rehearsals. We explored the key benefits that are provided by schedules, proper warm ups, sticking to a plan, documenting any issues and building a list of songs that you want […]

Improving your Bands Rehearsal Sessions – Part 1

If you have a band, you might well have reached the stage where you are standing in front of the big league. And maybe you have got a decent following, but for whatever reason you just don’t seem to be able to go any further? It could be you need to be promoted better, or […]