Improving your Bands Rehearsal Sessions – Part 2

Readers of the previous blog post will have seen that we covered some helpful tips and suggestions of how to get more from your band’s rehearsals. We explored the key benefits that are provided by schedules, proper warm ups, sticking to a plan, documenting any issues and building a list of songs that you want […]

Improving your Bands Rehearsal Sessions – Part 1

If you have a band, you might well have reached the stage where you are standing in front of the big league. And maybe you have got a decent following, but for whatever reason you just don’t seem to be able to go any further? It could be you need to be promoted better, or […]

Open Jam Sessions in Detroit

When it comes to Detroit, it can be very nearly described as the home of jam, such is the volume of regular jam sessions. The great news is that if you are a budding artist then you can surely attend some of the open jam sessions that are available around this great city. In this […]

The Top 5 New York Jam Sessions

Although jamming didn’t necessarily start in New York, there is certainly a huge following, with many locations that are almost dedicated to the art. Jamming, for those who aren’t in the know, originated around the turn on the 20th century and this music is nearly always performed spontaneously. You might be forgiven to think that […]

What is a Jam Session?

Readers of this site will see that we have written a few blogs that cover jam sessions and famous musicians. We thought it might make a bit of sense to go into detail about what a jam session actually is. Hopefully, this will be useful to the first-time visitors as well, who can then understand […]

Great Guitarists

Everybody remembers certain songs for whatever reason, and catchy riffs and guitar solos make some songs stand out from the crowd. More often than not this is when the guitar lays down a solo that is memorable and it sticks inside your head. There have been some masters of the guitar, past and present, but […]

Famous Musicians and Their Jam Sessions – Part 2

Starting part two of our famous musicians and their jam sessions with a drum roll we feature even more classic jam bands and the legendary songs and concerts they performed. Ending our first foray into this theme with Cream, in this blog we venture on tour with The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers and Phish. The […]

Famous Musicians and Their Jam Sessions – Part 1

Some musicians and bands are world famous for their jam sessions whilst performing live on stage. Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix was famous for impromptu guitar solos going off the scale, and more recently the Red-Hot Chili Peppers are renowned for breaking into a spontaneous jam session. In the past other great musical luminaries, such as […]

What Are the Best Instruments for a Jam Session

If you are a musician, then one of the most enjoyable ways of playing and having musical fun is by having a jam session. This is normally an occasion where musicians from other bands or solo musicians take the opportunity to get together and have fun. So, what are the best instruments are the best […]

How to Play Music Without Rehearsing

Good musicians not only can read music, but they also can play by ear, which means if they hear a tune they can more or less copy it note for note. This does not mean like-minded musicians in a room can all play as one, together in harmony. Playing instruments freely in a group together […]