Don’t Dismiss the Cover Band Just Yet

Cover bands tend to get a bad rep, certain musicians look down on them thinking there really isn’t that much to them besides learning to play someone else’s chord progressions and mimicking another band’s stage persona. And yes, that sounds completely uninspired and boring, and it also doesn’t accurately reflect the reality of most cover […]

How to Get People to Your Shows

Once you’ve booked a show, the most stressful part is making sure people will actually show up to hear you play. In fact, it can be the most nerve-wracking part of the entire ordeal. While there are no guarantees, there are smart ways to play around so that you do everything in your power to […]

Don’t Wait for Inspiration, Get the Job Done

When you’re making a living off of art, be that painting, dancing, or creating music, waiting for inspiration is not an option. Any artist will tell you that yes, inspiration is very much real and there will be moments when you will feel more compelled and inspire and the work will come out without you […]

Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Music Video

Now that practically anyone can set up an account on YouTube or Vimeo, it makes sense for bands to make videos for their songs. It’s an opportunity for people to find them, and if the video is entertaining enough, it will convert a lot of people into fans and maybe even go viral. People are […]

Crowdfunding an Album: Can You do It? – Part 2

Kickstarter has said that only half of the projects in the site get fully or overfunded. The other half completely fails or thoroughly underperforms. Some will say it’s a matter of popularity, that the more famous you are, the more likely you’ll get completely funded, but in reality, as we saw in Part 1, fame […]