Count Basie (1904-1984) an Unexpected Success

This famous jazz musician born in New Jersey was an accomplished pianist, composer and bandleader who began his career in 1924 at New York and gained notoriety for his compositions and improvisations during live performances with the Basie Count Orchestra and songs like One O’Clock Jump in 1939. His Early Career While many have a […]

Best Live Acts Everyone Should See

Seeing a live act can be a pretty great and entertaining experience. Especially when the show is well crafted and designed to wow audiences and showcase talents. You see, a good act isn’t just about the music, is also about the vibe, the flow and the overall look & feel of the act. Big shows […]

How to Build an Amazing Setlist

A setlist is so crucial, it can either make or break a show. Good playlists take the audience on a journey, it makes them feel the sounds and actually produces a range of emotions. On the other hand, a bad playlist will only make them feel one thing: boredom. If it’s really bad, boredom might […]

What to Expect Your First Time Playing Live

If you’re in a band and you haven’t played live yet, there’s a pretty big part of being a musician that you are completely missing. Though practicing on your own and playing among your friends is fun, there’s simply nothing quite like sharing your music with the rest of the world (or a at least […]

How to Open a Music Venue – Part 2

The second part of our blog into how to open and run a successful music venue continues with the operational details that will need to be addressed. In the first part of this blog we touched upon taking sound financial advice and finding the correct location. Now we look at the mechanics of making the […]