4 Reasons Bedroom Producing Is Better

The classic music studio is becoming a thing of the past and has been dying out for decades. Once upon a time this was the only way bands could record their music for later listening, but today with a microphone on every smartphone and music equipment becoming way more affordable the rise in bedroom producers is seemingly infinite. Though the old school ways have their uses, like large rooms for live group sessions, here are several reasons why the new way of producing is superior to the ways of the past.

No Lugging Equipment About

With a bedroom set up you don’t need to carry heavy instruments and amps anywhere. Not every studio is local to a band, and if you are doing a small tour, you will already be exhausted with carting your stuff to and fro each new location as it is. This is fantastic for drummers in particular who can have their set up perfect without the strain of reconfiguring each drum and spacing your set.

You Are Ready to Go Anytime

Going hand in hand with the last point, having your instruments ready to play at any given moment is a fantastic perk. We don’t all get inspired at the same time, often its at the most inconvenient times, so a studio really doesn’t help this. If you get lucky and they aren’t booked, you will have to pack your stuff, make your way there, unpack and get ready to record which by that time you could well have lost the urge to create whatever it was that sparked your interest. There is a reason why the best recording artists have studios in their home, it’s because they can go and bash out a track whenever creativity hits them.

Master Your Craft All Night Long

Many musicians are night owls, there seems to be some synchronicity between the circadian rhythm and creativity that leaves so many people feeling inspired late at night. With a studio, you can only record during their opening hours, so you cant go make beats once they are closed up for the day. If you are trying to understand the sonic side of tracks or just improve on your recordings, bedroom producing allows that freedom. So many artists have benefited from recording whenever, and have the time to practice their production skills and learn new ones all without leaving their home.

Cost efficient

Studio time costs money and to musicians big or small this isn’t something you want to splash out on if you can afford it. Ranging from £50 to over £500 per hour, spending extra time in the big name studios are damaging to even the wealthiest of superstars. As soon as bedroom producing became technically capable, small bands and solo artists jumped at the chance to have a set up that wouldn’t break the bank. With the stress of a huge bill now absent this means you can really spend as much time on your record as you please. Multiple takes and reworks are part of the artistic process and can lead to far better end results, this however does not occur when you are trying to lay out 15 tracks back to back with no room for error.