6 Tips to Leave Your Audience Totally Amazed

You have to leave the bar on a very high note to be able to imprint an unforgettable memory of your show into the public’s minds. You also have to take into account that a large part of the attendees has already had a great experience.

We have seen everything, even artists arriving by helicopter to the stage… but the background is the same: the public pays to create unforgettable memories and to forget, at least for a while about everything else going on in their lives. So, in order for you to being able to offer that kind of unforgettable experience, we have prepared a list of tips to follow:

Everything That Begins Epic, Has to End Epic

The beginning and the end of a show is the most important thing. In fact, it is often the first and the last song what will be remembered the most by the audience. You should start strong and keep the fire burning until the end. Smoke, lights, faders and everything else should be ready to take the audience to the next level.

The trick here is to avoid overcharging the public at all costs. Excessive sound effects will fatigue your audience and they won’t be able to withstand a sensory overload. We must not forget the dynamism and taking into account those strong moments and quieter ones. Do not hesitate to take a short break between songs, to take your time to communicate with your audience and above all, don’t forget to breathe. A concert is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

The Body of The Show

A concert is a common experience, for the audience and for the group. All those people in front of the stage are not mannequins or puppets, they have come for you. What does it matter if they are 10 or 10,000? They are those that you have to touch and introduce them into your universe. Talk to them, tell them stories, show them they’re important to you.

The key word here is interaction. Plan pieces of the song that you can sing with the audience. Ride a good pit, try it. Your success does not depend on the amount of applause. Observe the looks, body language, reactions, etc. Keep your eyes wide open: it’s not for you, it never is about you; it’s about your audience.

The Feelings


Your audience wants to leave the concert hall amazed, or at least with a good feeling. In addition to your ideal setlist, a light show is decisive. Imagine a good movie in the cinema. The images and different scenes are accompanied by the right music to keep all your senses alive. In a concert, the idea is the same: you have to try to adapt the atmosphere of the stage to your music: a bit of romanticism, surprises, flashes of light. It is up to you and your band.

Music is not a static thing, it is dynamic, and the musicians must not be just standing there, like statues. Jumping around all the time like fleas is not mandatory, but a little choreography should go a long way. If singers, guitarists and bassists have wireless systems they’ll much more freedom to bring life and movement into the show. The more you move, the more dynamic the show will look.