Best Live Acts Everyone Should See

Seeing a live act can be a pretty great and entertaining experience. Especially when the show is well crafted and designed to wow audiences and showcase talents. You see, a good act isn’t just about the music, is also about the vibe, the flow and the overall look & feel of the act.

Big shows generally cost a pretty penny. They’re usually held in arenas and are done by big selling artists that go on stage with huge crews, so of course, it’s not going to be cheap. But, some of them are so great and well-reviewed, that it’s absolutely worth the price. Here are some of the acts that you should definitely see if you have the chance to.


Unless you’re a 19-year-old girl, you might feel kind of out of place at a Lorde concert. Her fan base largely consists of teenagers. But, the Green Light singer puts up a show that can impress almost anyone regardless of age. Plus, her sophomore album, Melodrama, offers a more mature worldview and musings on heartbreak and hookup culture that virtually everyone can relate to. Not in vain was it a contender for Album of The Year at the Grammys.

Lady Gaga

By now, the entire world associates Lady Gaga with theatrics and drama, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her act is really over the top. There’s lots of costumes, dancing, plenty of air acrobatics. She also isn’t afraid to turn it down by a few notches, so her more piano-heavy songs and ballads are also part of the repertoire. When this happens, prepare for her uber-powerful voice and the amount of energy she’s able to exude when playing her more personal songs. Overall, you can expect to be excited and slightly confused by everything that’s going on.

The Killers

Few bands are as emblematic of the 00’s indie rock scene as The Killers, and even fewer are still touring and putting out new music out there with success. So, these guys are definitely an exception, and seeing them live gives you some insight as to what that is. Unlike most indie rock acts, these guys are incredibly energetic and, well, lively. Classics like Mr. Brightside take on new life as the band plays around with unexpected arrangements, and their newest songs are full of energy and enthusiasm. Besides, frontman Brandon Flowers is incomparably charismatic and charming, so you’ll never get bored while he’s on stage.

Sam Smith

This guy makes the list based solely on his vocal capacity. It’s that amazing. Sam isn’t exactly known for his charisma and enthusiasm. In fact, by now, he should have been declared king of the heartbroken. That’s another way to let you know there won’t be any bubbly dance choreographies and no theatrics. He doesn’t really need them anyway, as his soulful songs bring all the drama you can handle. His vocal performance is so powerful, that you should definitely witness it live at least once in your lifetime


The Canadian band has been together since 1998 so they’ve become masters at what they do. Besides, if you are lucky enough to catch them on tour, tickets won’t cost you more than dinner at a nice restaurant, so chances are these guys are the more affordable of this entire list. With a discography of 7 albums, it is no surprise that their setlists are eclectic and vibrant. You’ll get to enjoy the classics and the newer songs. And Emily Haines is just delightful on stage, her voice is angelic and her energy is contagious.