How do Musicians Earn Money on Youtube?

YouTube is a true gold mine for musicians! But where does the money come from and how does it get to the bands? Check out this article on the secrets to the benefit of the most popular video platform in the world.

Nowadays, the streaming platform, it’s the most popular tool in the world to enjoy online music and discover new talents. More than 6 million hours of video are played each month by more than 1 billion users and a large number of them are looking for new music. Everyone knows that all this music activity on YouTube is generating a good income for independent musicians.

Is Your Music on Youtube? Yes? Great!

But what are you doing to get profits from it? Let’s see how you can do just that. First of all, it’s understandable that most independent musicians do not know that it is possible to monetize their songs on the platform. YouTube does not allow artists to monetize the songs themselves. What it’s possible to monetize is the VIDEOS on an artist YouTube channel without help, but not the actual SONGS – and this is a very important difference.

What’s Monetization on YouTube And What Are Its Benefits?

Monetization on YouTube is the process by which the original content generates, you guessed it, money. That original content can be of several forms, like sound recordings or compositions, visual content or (the perfect pairing between audio and video) video clips.

This content can be uploaded by individual users as single videos or as separate “resources” of audio/video. The sound and visual resources are uploaded separately to qualify for Content ID, the system by which the copyrighted material is correctly identified and claimed by the holders of correct rights.

So, if you have sent your music to a YouTube Content ID service, your music will be uploaded as recordings and compositions with all rights reserved to the administrator (your band) and all the videos that use your original music will be identified, claimed and monetized in your name. Pretty simple, right?

This also means that your content will follow all the YouTube policies as the community rules and proper content for the advertisers because here’s where the money comes from: Advertising. Online, anyone can find detailed instructions about how to create ads in AdSense and how to optimize the output

What You Should Know to Earn Money?

There are two things that are the most important actions that an artist or owner of a YouTube channel must do to monetize its content to the maximum, and there are:

Make sure the ownership of all the content intended to be monetized and optimize all the information and reference files associated with that content. If it’s not done like this the content can’t be used to monetize it, and here the conversation ends.

Provide complete and correct metadata. The more complete the metadata associated with a song, composition or video on YouTube, the easier it will be to identify the content and claim ownership over it, and for YouTube to verify the intellectual property against any fraud. So, be aware and do the homework so that your resources are updated and correct. Still think that it’s a lot of work? You can always hire someone to do it for you!