How to Choose the Ideal Music Producer?

There are some characteristics that a good music producer should have. Why? Because being a music producer is more than having contacts, a university degree or conducting a recording studio. Not to dismiss academics, but over time it has been proven that a truly competent music producer must go beyond books and equipment. Let’s talk about the highlights (without an order of relevance) that a musician with a desire to succeed should look for in a music producer:

Musical Culture

One of the main characteristics that every music producer should have is musical culture. A good producer has as a habit of always trying to find and listen to new music, even if it’s not his favorite. This shows an expanded vision of the music scene, so when an artist arrives with a demo, production actually knows how to the job.

A good producer is always listening to a lot of music, buying many albums, looking or new playlists… A music producer that cultivates himself like this, will totally be worth it, every musician wants to work with someone like this.


This is an essential feature for a music producer. Punctuality in recording sessions, commitments, deadlines, payments, etc. Many excellent producers lose their jobs because the clients don’t hire them again, due to bad habits.

Keep in mind, that a musician who hires a music producer, is a client and it’s very important that their schedules and deadlines are respected, so, in a certain way this is about business and as a client, any artist has the right to ask for professionalism.

Music Theory

Many producers believe that knowing some chords and having good ears for music is enough, and it’s not so. Every music producer must know the theory thoroughly; mostly basic themes from solfege to harmony, modulations, orchestration, counterpoint, etc.

All this knowledge can expand creativity at the time of reviewing a song or while fixing it. In the same way, it’s important to practice music composition to be able to have a better point of view at the moment of editing a song.


Definitely, a fundamental talent to a music producer. Although many may believe that creativity is an innate ability, it’s also a skill that can be developed. Creativity is nothing more than taking knowledge, shaping it and doing something better.

Master instruments

It’s quite difficult to master several musical instruments because each instrument is a world. There are even specific kinds instruments, and it should be more than obvious that no one can master hem all. Still, a good producer must try to comprehend the basics of different instruments to have a more accurate point of view when producing a song, despite the genre of the artist.


A music producer needs to be confident if not, the artist will not feel confident about the result either. Strong opinions and confidence in his knowledge about the business are what you as an artist should be looking for to be sure your band makes it.


The best producers are people who are always looking to improve their skills and methods, regardless of their years of experience. Always seek to know more. Mixing, recording, production techniques, everything you can think of. There is always something new to learn out there.