Improving your Bands Rehearsal Sessions – Part 1

If you have a band, you might well have reached the stage where you are standing in front of the big league. And maybe you have got a decent following, but for whatever reason you just don’t seem to be able to go any further? It could be you need to be promoted better, or it might be your equipment isn’t quite as good as it should be. However, there is also a very real change that you just need to get better!

In this two-part blog post we will take a closer look at some sensible tips and suggestions that could help your band go from being average to reaching super-start status. Okay, being realistic, we might not be able to help you achieve this; however, by following our tips you are still likely to improve things quite a bit! Here are our suggestions to help your band to improve its rehearsal sessions.


The key here is to not only make a rehearsal schedule, it is to actually get yourself and the other band members to stick to it. If you constantly go into rehearsal without a proper schedule or plan, then this is likely to end up as just another jam session. Although there is nothing technically wrong with this statement, you will never quite make it to the stage of rich and productive studio time.


Building a List of the Songs You Want to Work On

If you are familiar with the songs that you want to rehearse, then the more songs you will be able to get through. Try to commit to a certain amount of time for each track and, again, stick to that schedule. Make sure you have a clear goal for each session, decide if it is one of the following:

  • Polishing the existing music
  • Creating new music
  • Workshopping what’s already been created

The reality is that you are either creating new sounds or improving the sounds you have already made.

Document Any Issues

Technology can play a hugely productive part in the work that musicians accomplish. Sharing schedules and documenting any issues that arise are just a couple of great ways to make sure that your fellow band members are always on the same page. If you use Apple, then Set Boss can be a really cool app to get involved with. It has the ability to help manage your band’s set lists and can also help to produce multi-track demo ideas.

Alternatively, if you use Android, then The Musicians Diary is likely to be a fantastic find. The app will allow you to measure the duration of each practice session and also record your tunes with the devices mic.

Warp Up

Sportsmen and women pick up injuries from not warming up, in reality so do musicians. Don’t go into your rehearsal cold. Get the blood flowing beforehand. Your sessions will get off to a better start if you try to follow some or, indeed, all of the suggestion laid out above. Stay tuned for the 2nd and final part.

Warming up