Open Jam Sessions in Detroit

When it comes to Detroit, it can be very nearly described as the home of jam, such is the volume of regular jam sessions. The great news is that if you are a budding artist then you can surely attend some of the open jam sessions that are available around this great city. In this blog we will take a closer look at some of the best open jam sessions that “motor city” has to offer!

Pub Froggy

Pub Froggy

Pub Froggy is a great venue for open jam sessions and has a couple of events on each week. Tosha Owens & Stable Dudes take to the mic each Tuesday from 8pm, whilst, if you want to come down on a Tuesday, then The Joe Stanley Trio are on from the same time. Located in Mile Road, Roseville, Pub Froggy is a must visit for budding jammers of all standards.

High Noon Saloon

Another great venue that’s worth looking at a bit closer comes in the shape of The High Noon Saloon, it ca be found in E Warren Avenue, Detroit. Get down early on a Monday (any time around 8pm) as the venue can get a little busy later on. The jam session is headed up under the name of Jimmy Alter.

O’Kelly’s Lounge

O’Kelly’s Lounge

Another amazing open jam session takes place at O’Kelly’s Lounge every Friday night. The session runs from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am, and there are a great range of food and drinks specials to keep you going strong. O’Kelly’s Lounge is situated in Park Street, Deardon.

The Stray Cat Lounge

One of the more established open jam sessions can be found at The Stray Cat Lounge each and every Monday. Join award winning host Eric Goebel from 8 pm and witness a wide range of talented musicians as they make the stage their own. The Stray Cat Lounge also do their bit for local events and charities, including holding the following events:

  • Charity bartender event
  • Cashback and discount promotions
  • Battle of the bands

Other marvelous venues

Turn up at the Crystal Bar and Grill on a Thursday and you will witness a great evening featuring the Joe Ligreci Band with Curtis Sumter.The Crystal Bar and Grill can be found at North Middlebelt, Westland. If there was an award for the most striking name then the Reverend Ron and His Dysfunctional Family would surely win, sadly there isn’t, but it is still worth a closer look! The action starts at 7 pm down at the American Legion Post, located on Michael Street Taylor.

Our final open Jam session in Detroit comes in the shape of The Tap Room. The Martindales can be found on stage every Tuesday from 8 pm and are well worth visiting. Hopefully you have enjoyed our round up of some of the best open jam sessions in Detroit and if you are in the area take the time out to visit one or two.