What Are the Best Instruments for a Jam Session

If you are a musician, then one of the most enjoyable ways of playing and having musical fun is by having a jam session. This is normally an occasion where musicians from other bands or solo musicians take the opportunity to get together and have fun. So, what are the best instruments are the best to have fun with in a jam session? The simple answer is any and every instrument. But there are definitely some instruments that make it easier for a group to play together and sound well.

Even some of the best musicians find it hard to jam well together, perhaps their instrument does not really fit in with the others, or they are dominating type of musicians. Just doing their own thing and not joining in with the other musicians around them. The most common instruments in a jam session are listed below, and the reason for their inclusion.


There are many types of guitar: electric, acoustic, electro-acoustic, twelve-string, steel guitars, bass and all are ideal for jam sessions. The reason any guitar is probably the best instrument to jam with is that everybody else in the group will find it very easy to see where the hand is on the fret area. The left hand is placed where all the chord progressions take place, so before a note is played the other musicians know what chord or note is going to be played. This makes it really easy for the other members of the group to simply join in and follow the lead.


There always has to be an instrument to create a beat, this sets a tempo to follow and lets all the musicians in a group know how fast or slow to play. In acoustic jam sessions this can be as simple as a guitarist tapping the wood of his acoustic guitar. The drums are a great instrument to jam with, as you simply follow the tempo of the other musicians and lay down a beat, which then in turn becomes the rhythm that everybody plays at. Also, the drums can fit in with any kind of music whatsoever.


Another integral part of a jam session is a set of keyboards, again this instrument can play any kind of music and can integrate with virtually any other instrument. Many of the keyboards available on the market can play a multitude of sounds, so they can create and replicate other instruments that may not be in the session.

Again, it is really easy to see the hands of the pianist, so the other musicians in the jam session can predict what sound is going to be played. The key to having a great jam session is to play an instrument that blends in with the common instruments that are normally bought along to an impromptu gathering. For instance, bringing a didgeridoo or harpsichord with you would probably ruin the session. And the final piece of the jigsaw is to leave your attitude at home, in jam sessions there are no divas, and everybody is there to have a good time and get into the groove.