Where To Send Your Music Masterpiece

So, you’ve recorded enough tracks to fill an album, you’ve got all the sounds mixed and mastered so they sound great, you may think your journey is complete – but you would be very wrong. Now you have something for listeners to get their ears round you need to get it to said ears, this means marketing and pushing your newly pressed masterpiece to the right platforms. Though you aren’t going to have the jaw dropping budget that the bigger bands do, or the insider know-how and contacts, there are several places you will want to send your music, here are the key spots.


Since Apple announced its music library meets media player platform way back at the turn of the millennium the Californian company has unquestionably taken a firm hold on the digital market. If you don’t put your music on iTunes you are missing out on millions of potential listeners. iTunes isn’t just the go-to marketplace, it is the trendsetter for new bands, if you get heard by the right people here many doors will open for you. Apple’s software regulations can be highly frustrating though, if you can’t submit to them directly you may need to find an indie distributor who will do all the annoying stuff for you.


The fierce rival of iTunes and indeed the platform which may seem contrary to your money-making needs. This ‘free to listen’ design has had several bands up in arms about “giving their music away” though this has long been quelled and many A-list artists are reverting their outrage and buckling to the platform’s popularity. Spotify does pay artists, just in infinitesimal amounts (unless you are reaping millions of streams a week). It does however pay to have your music accessible to all the paying users as well as those who do listen free, see it more as a fantastic billboard instead of a marketplace.


This place is a nice easy and well-respected place for you to sell your music digitally. Giving you the customisation to spice up your page, make offers codes and more, having a Bandcamp really puts you in charge. Now with the ability to add merchandise, you can really push your music and your band’s name with a simple free sign up. Just be aware that you will need to promote elsewhere to get the traffic piling up here.




Many people think radio is dead, but it really isn’t on its last legs yet. What radio is still great for is promoting music, this is really its sole purpose after all. If you can get your music on national radio anyone tuned into that station has to hear what you made, you get your time in the spotlight here without distraction. This doesn’t come without its headaches though as big stations are often tough to crack and you will want to make sure you have your tracks licensed in case you are eligible for a kickback. Local radio may well be easier to break into, forming bonds here will serve you in the long run and you may be able to get an interview with presenters to help push your stuff, even if less ears are listening.